About Us

FOXSOFT Pro was officially established in 2017 but it has been undergoing more than five years of development. FOXSOFT Pro came to fruition after the Owner of a Cincinnati based Asphalt and Concrete Paving Company wanted to find a way to eliminate the need for multiple Microsoft excel spreadsheets that were being utilized to estimate, set up projects, create time sheets, project management, accounting, etc. This was not efficient and something had to be created to streamline all of the facets of the paving business.

After three years of development, FOXSOFT Pro was created. After the first two years of implementing FOXSOFT Pro as their comprehensive business management software, they saw greater than 20% increase in sales over the first two years and also managed to increase profit margins.

Having one database to house their client information, proposals, calendar, PO’s, invoices, time-sheets and even a sub contractor portal was the foundation for their success. FOXSOFT Pro was specifically designed for the paving industry to better streamline all your daily tasks while saving you time and money.

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